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Tailor-made infrastructure for start-ups in the natural sciences

Project INKULAB finished

The INKULAB project was terminated on 1 April 2020 after 5 years of support and advice to young companies. During this time 8 teams got access to the laboratory and were advised by the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the TU Berlin. Many others were helped with consulting, networking activities and forwarding to cooperation partners etc.

The laboratory container plant at the Campus Charlottenburg, directly connected to the Department of Chemistry of the TU Berlin, is still available to certain start-ups – please contact Prof. Dr. Schomäcker for further information:

The laboratory container plant is fully equipped with ventilation technology, laboratory furniture and safety equipment. It was used to support scientists who had achieved economically viable research results at Berlin universities and wanted to establish a company. Thus it closed a gap in technology transfer between research and development of market-ready products and services in the early start-up phase of companies.

INKULAB provided a customized infrastructure and an incubation programme for scientists that are involved in life sciences, green chemistry, or nanotechnology. INKULAB was a project of WISTA Management GmbH, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Excellence Cluster UniCat of the Technische Universität Berlin in cooperation with DexLeChem GmbH.